Monday, March 5, 2018

Spring aerification and more..

Spring aerification is right around the corner and I’m confident most everyone is beginning to feel the desire to get back to the club and perfect the swing.  As most are aware, it has been a wet beginning of the year with over 12.5” of precipitation falling.  Here is what will be going on in the next 30 days for the Agronomy Staff and what we have been working on.  As always you can follow on twitter @VNGCMAINT.
Aerification: The dates have been set and are now on our weekly email.  We will be doing a slightly different approach this spring to encourage more turf health and promote the strongest roots possible for the season with minimal disruption.  Greens will be deep-tined with our new Toro Deeptine at a depth of 8”.  We will follow this with a Dryject- sand injection into greens.  These processes will be followed by a heavy topdress and rolled for smoothness.  Tees, Fairways and Approaches will be treated similar to the past few years with a verticut and ½” hole put into the surface with a 2”x2” spacing.   Rough will consist of an aerification as well to break compaction from cart traffic.

This photo is an illustration of the Dryject Process
Fall/ Winter/ Spring Projects: As stated above, the weather has not stopped us from doing work, but has slowed our efforts in completing the tasks under the time frame I had anticipated. The team has been working on various projects throughout the course.  Most will not be noticeable to the average eye, but we ensure you will notice the differences throughout the season.   Some of the projects that have been completed this fall/Winter:  Major native work throughout the entire property,  Tree Removal on 14/15, Irrigation projects to minimize handwatering (Holes #2/#8/ #12),  Matrix Bunker liners (Hole #12/ TBD- weather pending), Bank Renovation on Hole 12 (In Progress), Major drainage renovation on right of hole 10, basic drainage throughout course, Hole 12 cartpath restoration project (Over 65 new slabs), drainage catch basin reduction, and several more projects.

Technology we use to justify tree removal.
This photo is an example of how sunlight can be blocked from Turf for several hours.
Illustration of how Hole 12 will have erosion fabric installed.
Applications:  We will begin the annual process of our preventative herbicide application put out in the month of March starting on the week of March 5th if weather permits. You can refer back to the blog site  for more information, but as advertised every year PLEASE WEAR OLD GOLF SHOES IN MONTH OF MARCH. We will begin the process on rough and work to Native areas.  This application will take us about 10 days from start to finish.
If you have any questions in regards to the agronomics practices or projects, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email:

Kyle Callahan

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