Thursday, February 12, 2015

Out With The Old And In With The New

What do golf courses spend their time doing during the winter months?  We have heard this question too many times to keep count, but what most do not realize is that this is a time in which turfgrass managers can spend time "catching up".  Here at Victoria National the winter months can be expected to be just as busy as the summer by tackling much needed construction projects, irrigation upgrades/projects, tree removal, etc...  The pictures below show just a glimpse of what Victoria National has spent doing with our winter.  Special thanks to Leibold Irrigation, Inc for the control box installation and thanks to BAM Chase @BAM_Chase for the Thor Guard installation.

This is picture of our old Rainbird PAR + Control Boxes
This is what I'd call a rats nest! Much needed upgrade
Upgraded from Rainbird PAR + to the new Toro boxes
Another shot of our new satellite boxes
The Lighning protection unit we installed on
 our clubhouse had a camera installed to observe
weather conditions and storm movements
This winter we decided to install 4 new
 Thor Guard Lightning protection units. 

We have spent the last month completely renovating
our intern housing in the maintenance facility. Here
is a picture of the finished project.  Huge shout out
to the staff that was involved in this project.

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