Sunday, May 10, 2015

Build It and They Will Come

In today’s society bats can be perceived by people as a nuisance and do not realize their contribution to the ecosystem, which can give them a very poor reputation. 70 percent of bats eat insects making them an important member of our ecosystem by keeping insect populations in check. The particular bats that have a taste for these little protein packed snacks can eat up to tens of thousands in one day. According to wildlife studies a single brown bat can consume up to 1000 mosquitoes in one hour. 

            At Victoria National we take great pride in being able to take part in preserving wildlife and our ecosystem. As an Audubon sanctuary, our team decided to help out our furry winged friends by purchasing 5 triple celled bat houses. Each of these comfortable bat homes can hold up to 250 bats. This may sound like too many bats for one area but when spread over the property, these bats will help more than just the ecosystem. The consumption of insects such as gnats and mosquitos will enhance the golfers experience on our evenings spent on the course.

            Bats are very beneficial and by being nocturnal, should have no direct interaction with our members and guests.  With our new bat boxes we can do our part to conserve our ecosystem and make our summer nights more enjoyable. Let’s all welcome the new furry winged members to Victoria National.

Casey and Dylan constructing our new bat houses

Bat house installation.  Once again big thanks to Casey and Dylan 

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