Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Greatest Gift of Gardening is the Restoration of the Five Senses

If you haven’t noticed we have slowly been redesigning the landscaping around the clubhouse and have begun to head towards the putting green.  Most recently we have redone the first bed that you see when you pull into the parking lot.
We started by removing all existing plant material and then lowering the bed to reduce the mounding.  The existing plant material was overgrown and was beginning to become an eye sore.  By reducing the mounding rainfall will no longer wash the mulch away and will reduce maintenance throughout the year. The new plant material that was chosen should give colorful interest from spring all the way through fall.
In the front of the bed there is Vera Jane Sedum that will give some summer interest but, mainly in the fall.  Behind that there are Dwarf Butterfly Bushes that will produce color all season until the first frost.  Behind the Butterfly Bushes there is My Monet Weigela that will bloom pink in early summer.   On the sides there are coral colored Drift Roses.  These will have consistent color from early spring all the way to fall.  In the other half of the bed there are Autumn Embers Encore Azalea’s.  This variety of Azalea blooms three times a year.  Then on each end there are My Monet Weigela and along with some Yellow daylilies.

Keep your eyes open there will be more colorful changes to come.

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