Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tee Irrigation/Coverage

With the large amounts of rainfall that we have had in the past week has allowed us to focus on a few other areas of concern.  As we continue to dial in our irrigation system we have discovered an area of concern with our tee box irrigation.  Here at Victoria National it is common to have irrigation heads located in the native grasses to water our tees.  This becomes an issue as the native begins to grow and disrupt the coverage of the irrigation head.  This leads to inconsistent watering and localized dry spots which have to be addressed with hand watering techniques. Our solution to this issue is to keep native areas mowed throughout the year between 4-6 inches (shown below). 

Another issue we are discovering is the type of irrigation heads that we use to irrigate our tees directly affects our native surrounding each tee.  With the original grow in at Victoria National the schematics required heads to be full circle or 360 degrees.  Now with all native areas established, it is no longer necessary to irrigate the native surrounding the tees and has increased weed species in the native.  Victoria National is a certified Audubon sanctuary and water conservation is a top priority for our team. Our goal as an agronomy team is to convert over from full circle to part circle heads to decrease unwanted weed species as well as reduce wasting water and becoming more efficient.  Below is an example of a full circle head before being converted.

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